5 Reasons Why Defensive Driving Important for Taxis

5 Reasons Why Defensive Driving Important for Taxis

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What is Defensive Driving?

It is a lesson of driving skills that allows you to protect or defend yourself against possible incidents caused by bad drivers, poor weather and drunk drivers. If you look ahead, focus and keep your eyes moving, you will spot potential hazards more easily. Once you have known a potential hazard and decided what to do, act immediately. Defensive drivers can avoid dangers on the road by using their safe driving practices.

Please read the benefits of defensive driving here.

1. You Could Save Your Life

Getting a defensive driving course could save your life! Even if you are careful and responsible when driving, accidents can still happen somehow. Most accidents are caused by other drivers you encounter on the roads who drive irresponsibly and drive dangerously. This means that in additional to being careful, courteous and responsible yourself, you must also know the driving techniques to avoid others who drive dangerously. 

2. Avoid Emotional, Physical and Financial Hardship

Many numbers of people are seriously injured in car accidents each year. Being involved in a car accident results in physical and financial hardship and traumatic emotional, it is often caused through no fault of your own. Accidents like this can affect you even your loved ones for many years to come. Taking a good defensive driver course can help learn techniques for avoiding the irresponsible and dangerous driving of others.

3. Save Money on Insurance Premiums

There are vehicle insurance companies offer discounts and rebates to drivers who have taken a certified defensive driver course. Drivers who invest in defensive driving lesson and present a certificate of completion to their insurance company can always have benefit from reduced car insurance costs.

4. Traffic Violation Dismissal

In some municipalities, completing a defensive driving lesson is one of the consequences of being booked for a traffic violation. Completion of the defensive driving course, and presentation of the appropriate documentation can be entitle you to a dismissal of the ticket sometimes. Undergoing driver lesson can also help you to drive in safer manner and avoid traffic violations in the first place.

5. Learn Many and Varied Strategies for Safety

A good defensive driving lesson will use many tools to teach safety techniques. Some good courses use videos to show clearly the different defensive driving techniques that are most important to remaining safe on the road when you’re travelling. A good defensive driving course will use an animations video or photo to highlight common mistakes made by drivers. Animations are also used to demonstrate important techniques, like how drivers should enter and exit from a busy freeway. Escape techniques for avoiding aggressive and dangerous drivers are also valuable tools taught by any defensive driver course.



There is a taxi in Airdrie, AB, Canada who trains their drivers defensive driving and they would like to urge all drivers to consider advanced driver training to improve their safety on the road while driving. There are many benefits to such training and these benefits will show up to a much more enjoyable drive. Not boring, or slow, but quite often more interesting, progressive and certainly more exhilarating than your average everyday driver!

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